Hello! I am your wedding photographer. But I'm not just your photographer, I'm apart of your #BrideSquad.

I'm the one who will be guiding you to your groom for your magical first look... Or if you choose to not have a first look (which I'll totally support whatever you decide), I'll be the one hiding you from your groom at all costs-- no matter what it takes. I'll lock him in the kitchen if I have to! (This may have actually happened once or twice.)

I'm the one who will be teaching your grandparents how to do the "Cha Cha Slide" while we are laughing at you guys. After that song, I'll probably be re sewing your bustle (I always have my emergency kit around.)

You might catch me sitting on top of my second shooter's shoulders because you KNOW I need to get that perfect shot. #TinyHumanProbs.

I'll also be your personal dress/veil flooffer, hair flyaway destroyer, and lipstick on teeth inspector. I got you, girl! Whatever you need, I'll be there.

It is an honor to capture of the best day of your lives. I love every single moment!